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About Us

TRGONS (The Royal Game ON Scriptures) is a faith-based game company that offers a unique approach to fundraising. Our games are enjoyable and allow you to raise funds for your organization. With the House of Divine Gifts board game, you can unite your community for a fun-filled game night while supporting a good cause. Our games are designed to be inclusive and suitable for all ages, making them the perfect option for family-friendly events. At TRGONS, we believe in creating products that entertain, inspire, and uplift individuals. Join us in spreading joy and making a difference through our faith-based games.

The Inspiration

My name is Leo Oliva, and this is the game's inspiration.

In the Spring of 2004, While driving from San Diego to Lemoore, CA, with three of my friends, I heard a voice that spoke upon the earth and said, "Build Me A Board Game..." My three friends in the car did not hear it because they continued their conversation. I could not believe the event that had just happened, and I kept it silent. I waited for months to see if anyone would develop a board game. Many more months passed, and I didn't see or hear anything, so I slowly began building a concept for a faith-based game. I knew nothing about making a board game, but I just started writing things down, and the game began to create itself. Through all the trials and tribulations of this journey of Biblical proportions of creating a board game, which is truthfully inspired by the Voice of God, Defended by our Lord Jesus, and sent by The Holy Spirit, has been given for such a time as this. This story is brief and will shock some and be joyful to others, so I can only tell you to pray and ask for the truth. Do not believe people in what you hear, see, or read regarding The Word Of God. 

Business Summary

Blue Skies

TRGONS (The Royal Game ON Scriptures), a faith-based toy and games company, is dedicated to providing high-quality games that entertain and help raise funds for important causes. Our games are designed with children and adults in mind and are perfect for church groups, schools, and other organizations looking to fundraise.


Our flagship product, the House of Divine Gifts board game, is based on biblical stories and teachings. Our games are fun and engaging and help promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of scripture.


At TRGONS, fundraising should be easy and effective. That's why we offer various options for organizations looking to raise money with our games. Whether you want to sell our games directly or host a game night fundraiser, we have the tools and resources you need to succeed.


We are committed to providing our partners with the highest customer service and support. From initial planning to implementation and beyond, we are here to help you every step of the way.


In conclusion, TRGONS is a faith toy and games company that offers a unique fundraising opportunity through our games. Our commitment to quality and service makes us the ideal partner for organizations looking to raise funds in a fun and engaging way.

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